What is the “digital workplace”?

‘’Making current computing resources more accessible thus empowering employees, feelings of ownership, and greater expertise in the field.’’

Gartner describes the digital workplace as “a business strategy for promoting employee effectiveness and engagement through a more consumer-like computing environment.” According to Gartner, mobile, information, cloud, and social are acting as a catalyst for consumerization, but when it comes to their employees, most businesses are responding to these trends in a fragmentary way — piece by piece.

Why is Hoozin helpful in your Digital Workplace evolution?

Why is Hoozin helpful in your Digital Workplace evolution?
  • Hoozin is an out of the box Social and Collaboration Solution.
  • Hoozin is the foundation for building a Digital Workplace. This is a never ending process and thus requires a super flexible integration platform.
  • Hoozin is ‘widget’ based. We integrate with exceptional UX all current assets (Salesforce.com, SAP, Oracle, O365, home grown Apps, etc).
  • We think Digital Workplace is an evolution from Intranet. We are Intranet experts.
  • Hoozin Digital Workplace allows communication and employee engagement
  • Hoozin Digital Workplace is centered around collaboration
  • Hoozin Digital Workplace stands for finding and sharing of information and knowledge
  • Hoozin Digital Workplace connects all your Business applications (process specific tools and employee self-service)
  • Hoozin Digital Workplace boosts agile working — the ability to be productive any time and place (and on any device!).

Your Digital Workplace must have a rich set of functionalities that functions as foundation, straight out of the box.

  • Access to Portal by default (through SSO or not)
  • Look and Feel excellent
  • Search
  • Targeted content
  • Personalized content
  • Employee Profile
  • Search for Employees
  • Collaborative Workplaces (communities)
  • Sharing & Tagging
  • Surveys (for animation and adoption)
  • User adoption reporting
  • SDK to build your own Apps
  • Widgets (for personalization of Portal)
  • Notification center (drive response to actions)
  • Twitter feed (can also be internal information stream such as SAP, or any other existing system)
  • Shortcuts (help user in daily work)
  • Multiple highlights of information
  • Community creation with security
  • Knowledge Management
  • Document Management
  • Deep Security settings
  • Complete Application Store

Our Vision

  • Make on-premises to Cloud easy
  • Allow easy hybrid usage of on-premises and Cloud
  • Move from Intranet Culture to Digital Workplace, we know where to begin
  • Hoozin offers a large variety of Business processes in a store
  • Shifting focus from ‘Socializing the organization’ to ‘Socializing Applications and Business Processes’
  • We see your Intranet as the beginning of an evolving process