Social Intranet

Revamp your Intranet, inject Collaboration and be future proof.

Social Intranet

The Hoozin Social Intranet delivers a highly
functional platform where Hoozin CMS
connects the ‘voice of the company’ content
with more horizontal content between

By providing a high design Social Intranet
landing page, we immediately cover the
much needed fi rst impression of positive
user experience.

The landing page of the Hoozin Social Intranet
is highly fl exible. The Hoozin CMS
allows publishing news, events and emergency
announcements. Integrated in this,
Hoozin Social Intranet also provides many
‘self-service’ widgets such as Helpdesk,
FAQ, Video and Survey.


Community with social stream

Hoozin Social Intranet comes complete
with all Social Collaboration functionalities.
By allowing users agile social conversations
around business processes and documents,
organizations create a more speedy
collaboration culture.

Furthermore, the Hoozin communities
serve as excellent Project Management
foundation, department management or
even long-term knowledge management
assets. Hoozin Social Intranet has endless
features to promote and make simple agile


Hoozin App Store

Hoozin Applications allow Business users to consume processes directly within the context of their community.
We allow activation of Applications on a community level, allowing a clean and managed community land
scape. The Hoozin Applications allow users to structure their work and collaborate while moving processes
forward. We call this ‘socializing Business processes’ and is a very important piece of the Hoozin Social Intranet.
With the Hoozin Applications we connect the dots between Social Intranet, communities, stream and getting
actual operational work done thanks to hands on Hoozin Apps.



Measuring user adoption, change management
and overall ROI on the collaboration
strategy is done through the Hoozin
Reporting module. These reports deliver
on a high level the needed insight on the
change management progress that every

organization should monitor and manage.
These high-quality reports allow communication
managers and stakeholders to better
tune their adoption and change management



The Hoozin Social Intranet is web responsive and the landing page is highly fl exible in design and set up.
Beauty matters, and the Hoozin Social Intranet clicks that box


Hoozin can be deployed in the Cloud or on-premises. For
integration with O365, pls go to our O365 page. For moving
from an Intranet culture to a Digital Workplace culture, please
go to our Digital Workplace page