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We serve our clients worldwide and over the years we have invested in the future by delivering quality products. Since the Hoozin Digital Platform is user-centric, we have been able to deliver successful Projects that drive adoption and a positive IT reputation.

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Hoozin is part of an ecosystem of companies. Our magical four use cases are in Improved Collaboration, Extranet Strategy, Digital Workplace, and Workflows.

Hoozin Management is comprised of a team of Dutch and USA nationals. Our ethics, Customer Service, and technology are our key ingredients for success.

It is our mission to place actual adoption of ‘next-generation digital work’ before anything else. We know like no other, that Digital Transformation goes through people and their purpose. Organizations using Hoozin are able to reach their digital transformation goals while setting the productivity goals higher. Hoozin serves Fortune 500 firms and governments on all continents. Our unique ability to combine Consulting and scoping with our propriety Digital Platform allows us to solve the most complex Digital Transformation problems. USA intelligence agencies can review our Hoozin Digital Platform Program here…

We believe in one single digital experience and we are against silos.


The Hoozin Digital Platform presence is worldwide and growing with key offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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We don’t walk alone…

The Hoozin Digital Platform and its eco-system of IT-focused companies provide unprecedented levels of brainpower and creativity. Hoozin is backed up by IT Monitoring, IT Placement, DevOps, IoT and Migration organizations.