Organizations are navigating through requirements and new technologies. Both the requirements and the tech are moving targets, making effective change very hard. Hoozin solves this problem.

We provide a robust Digital Platform that meets the basics of Cloud, Security, cost reduction, innovation and user experience.

Hoozin Solutions


Hoozin provides 4 critical use cases with one single platform

Modernize your Intranet – Build a Customer/Vendor collaboration Strategy – Reduce complexity for employees with the Hoozin Digital Workplace – Start building next-generation Workflows –

Combine the 4 use cases from one single user experience to further improve employee happiness and reach cost reduction


Hoozin has endless options for out-of-the-box configuration. We don’t mean ‘low code’ here, we mean zero code.

Role management, community setup, security options, reporting options, doc management options, and much more is entirely configurable.

Clone Development

Organizations need comprehensive Dashboards. We can build Dashboards by placing existing Widgets and applying your Branding. Fast, efficient, and cost-reductive.

We clone existing Workflows to quickly arrive at a Business production version. We have a dedicated ‘Workflow shop’ and an excellent team to build any Business drive Workflow you may need.


6 simple reasons why
to use Hoozin


Bring Your Own Device

Work can be done anytime, anywhere. Hoozin is optimized for every single device.


Revamp your Intranet with a great CMS

Be more agile by streamlining access to your business applications and processes, or leverage the Hoozin SDK to easily build powerful new applications.


We know our industries

We serve any vertical. Governments, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Utilities, Healthcare, Non-profit, Retail and more.


Weave it in

Plug Hoozin to your IT infrastructure whether you are in the cloud or on-premises.


Don’t reinvent the wheel

Take a stroll through the Hoozin application or widget stores to leverage reusable productivity tools.


Start your Digital Workplace Strategy

Integrate O365, SAP, Salesforce, JIRA, Feeds or any other API based element. Make one or multiple Dashboards of integration.


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