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Let Hoozin consolidate all Application information such as email, Cloud Apps, IoT, and Big Data. Make employees productive and happy by making information timely and easy to process, in one single Dashboard.

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The Hoozin Digital Workplace is a platform that creates a virtual equivalent of the physical workplace. We help force organizations to rethink all of their digital processes. The Hoozin Digital Workplace enables new, more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility while exploiting consumer-oriented working methodologies. Especially on the last topic of ‘consumer-oriented ’ Hoozin is determined to become a disruptive player in the Digital Transformation market.

We take the concept of the Digital Workplace much further than the mainstream voices out there. The Hoozin Digital Workplace is the smartest, most impactful, and easiest way to achieve integration between applications while keeping user adoption and engagement of your business users on track. We help customers worldwide in innovating their employee workplace, entirely based on innovative thinking. We know how to mix collaboration through Hoozin (out-of-the-box) while integrating your existing applications into the end-user experience. All this contributes to more productivity and happier employees.

Hoozin Integration:

Office 365 | Corporate News | OneDrive | Microsoft Teams | Power BI | SAP Reports | Salesforce | Hubspot | Gmail | IoT Data

Set some

Digital transformation is complex. One of the missions of many organizations is to make sure employees get a more positive IT experience.

Hoozin also sets goals to introduce more dynamics in the workplace, more creative space for employees and push for more non-routine work. The Hoozin Digital Workplace is a transformation strategy benefiting Employees and Organizations.

The Digital Worker

  • Reduce IT frustrations
  • Reduce Application silos
  • Build role based Dashboards
  • Make sure design and usability is priority

The Digital Organization

  • Reduce costs
  • Build an ecosystem of stakeholders, driving change
  • Don’t cut corners in governance
  • Measure employee productivity

Designing a Digital Workplace

The future state of the Hoozin Digital Workplace and how it will benefit all stakeholders should clearly be designed and validated. Using a Design Thinking Process allows a proper architecture of employee experience changes. It should be consistent with the organization’s values and serve as inspiration to the stakeholders who will drive and implement the Hoozin Digital Workplace.

Widget Builder

The Hoozin Widget builder is the perfect technology to quickly integrate any application you may have out there. The Hoozin Widget Builder allows fast development and deployment of the Hoozin Digital Workplace while covering key areas such as design, size, content, API, and security. Every Hoozin integrated widget has a predefined setup. We have ready-to-go integrations with many Cloud solutions such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Tableau Software, O365, Gmail, and many more. We also build many tailor-made integrations such as on-premises Apps and IoT data.

The evolution of targeting content and applications

The ultimate goal is to target content and applications to the right target group in your employee environment. Workers expect enterprise tools for searching, sharing, and consuming information to be as « smart » and compelling as those they use in their personal lives. They want information and analytics to be contextualized, based on their work. Welcome to role-based employee dashboarding.

Building targeted pages

Hoozin mostly uses data from the user profile amongst other data sets. Hoozin allows building high design target pages. These pages have a critical Business topic such as Humans Resources or IT. These ‘mini intranet’ pages can also be populated with integrated Widgets, directly coming out of the Widget Builder factory. These pages allow the right people to see in a consolidated manner, the right application data, at a glance. Discover some ready-made Widgets in our trial Platform here…

6 simple reasons why
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Bring Your Own Device

Work can be done anytime, anywhere. Hoozin is optimized for every single device.


Revamp your Intranet with a great CMS

Be more agile by streamlining access to your business applications and processes, or leverage the Hoozin SDK to easily build powerful new applications.


We know our industries

We serve any vertical. Governments, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Utilities, Healthcare, Non-profit, Retail and more.


Weave it in

Plug Hoozin to your IT infrastructure whether you are in the cloud or on-premises.


Don’t reinvent the wheel

Take a stroll through the Hoozin application or widget stores to leverage reusable productivity tools.


Start your Digital Workplace Strategy

Integrate O365, SAP, Salesforce, JIRA, Feeds or any other API based element. Make one or multiple Dashboards of integration.

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