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Employee collaboration and engagement have dramatically changed over the last 24 months. The entire concept of ‘Intranet out of the box’ is no longer valid. Hoozin sets the new normal by mixing top-down information with collaboration and Application integration. Communities in Hoozin can serve as Projects, Application launchers, or entire Landing pages. Combining employee content with application content is the new normal.

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Hoozin employee
collaboration Solution

With a strong focus on combining social behavior, collaboration, and landing pages, Hoozin separates itself from other employee collaboration approaches. By allowing employees to work more collaboratively, we change the paradigm of ‘top-down information only’. We want to create a vibe among people, departments, and even external users such as Vendors and Customers.

Why is digital collaboration important?

With the Hoozin employee collaboration we aim to liberate your employees that might be trapped in silos, separated Using Hoozin employee collaboration, we aim to liberate your employees that might be trapped in silos, separated by department, geography, or consume random non-compliant tools.

Digital collaboration transforms your company culture into a unified force by connecting your people, departments, information, and even Vendors and Customers into one convenient digital space.

By creating a better collaboration culture, we want to boost productivity for all departments and any or all use cases. The use case for Hoozin is holistic and not only focused on top-down information as you see them in legacy Intranets.

Moving from an Intranet culture to a Digital Workplace culture

Traditional intranets have narrow authorship restricted to a handful of people with official “editor” permissions. These days we also see that organizations attempt to build Intranets on poor user experience platforms.

Hoozin delivers an exceptional user experience. UX is an absolute key driver for adoption. Only tools that get adopted, will deliver better communication, collaboration, and productivity. Within this thought process, we allow Intranet driven content to co-exist with application-driven content. Combining employee content with application content is our mantra.

Hoozin is out of the box

Hoozin provides public, private, and hidden spaces for, departments and projects to collaborate. Hoozin empowers employees to communicate, coordinate group efforts, collaborate on documents, and share information. Employees can have open communications while being able to connect, learn, and share. Including the ability to like, rate, and comment on others’ posts.

All Hoozin communities can be public, secured, or hidden. Hoozin is multi-language. Upon request, we can quickly add new languages to our language pack. Find out more about our trial here…

Collaborating with external users

Hoozin has a comprehensive strategy, that leverages external users to access your communities. The way these are managed is extensive and also subject to ‘smart security.

Many organizations use Hoozin to Collaborate with Vendors and Customers in Project Communities, including Governments, Defence, and Aerospace. The unprecedented security skills at Hoozin allow upholding the most complex Cybersecurity cultures.

Hoozin CMS

Hoozin provides an extensive CMS. It can be used quickly and easily for those simpler tasks. However, it also provides some very powerful tools to add more complexity and design, such as elements, forms, and codes.

News publishing includes a robust approval process. Hoozin can target content based on different audiences. These audiences can be set up manually or they can be set up by rules. We can interface dedicated widgets for each audience, or we can make the carousel automatically adapt to the end-user profile.

Reports and Metrics

Through the Hoozin Reporting Module, you can analyze user activity metrics to easily measure user adoption. Reporting provides the needed ROI metrics on your collaboration strategy. These reports can be leveraged to deliver the critical insights needed to spark change in the current processes.

These high-quality reports allow communication managers and stakeholders to improve their adoption and change management strategies.

6 simple reasons why
to use Hoozin


Bring Your Own Device

Work can be done anytime, anywhere. Hoozin is optimized for every single device.


Revamp your Intranet with a great CMS

Be more agile by streamlining access to your business applications and processes, or leverage the Hoozin SDK to easily build powerful new applications.


We know our industries

We serve any vertical. Governments, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Utilities, Healthcare, Non-profit, Retail, Defence, Cyber Security and more.


Weave it in

Plug Hoozin into your IT infrastructure whether you are in the cloud or on-premises.


Don’t reinvent the wheel

Take a stroll through the Hoozin application or widget stores to leverage reusable productivity tools.


Start your Digital Workplace Strategy

Integrate O365, SAP, Salesforce, JIRA, Feeds or any other API based element. Make one or multiple Dashboards of integration.

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